10pcs Agave Victoriae Reginae Seeds Maguey Seeds Succulent Plant Seeds


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10pcs Agave Victoriae Reginae Seeds Perennial Succulent Plant Seeds

Agave plants, roots and stems short or well developed;
Like warm, dry and sunny environment.
more shade, drought-resistant,  afraid of waterlogging.
need well-drained, fertile sandy loam.
Suitable for ornamental potted plants, small courtyards and halls, fresh and elegant.

Germinative temperature: 20-25?
Germinative period: 2-3 weeks
Growing temperature:18-24?
growing period: 4-10 months
Flowering season: fall
Plant growth properties: perennial
Soil: mixed leaf mold, potting soil and coarse sand, add a little calcareous material.

It can absorb harmful gases. Scientific studies have shown that under
the conditions of 24 hours of light1 cubic meter of air to 70%, agave
can be swallowed benzene, formaldehyde 50% and 24% of TCE.

Package included:
10X agave seeds


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