E28 5W Spotlights Led Plants Growth Light Indoor Plant Growing Lamp


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Power 5W
Voltage AC100-265V
Socket type E28
Item material Aluminum
LED quantity 5pcs
Single lamp bead 1W
Light Color Red & Blue (Ratio: 4 : 1)
Luminous flux 350 (lm)
Dimensions  Φ87x62mm
LED wavelength 620nn-630nm(red), 460nm-470nm(blue)
Protection grade IP55
Working Temperature
-20 to 40 ?
Power Factor 0.9
Contains no harmful elements, environmental friendly.
Low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life.
Designed to fit standard E28 fittings, easy to install.
Ideal for all plants which work on soil or hydroponic methods of growing in any indoor environment.
Wavelength type of rich, coinciding with plant photosynthesis and optical spectral range morphogenesis anastomosis.
Not only can regulate flowering and seed crops, but also to control plant height and plant nutrients.
High luminous efficiency: 90% emitted light can be absorbed by plants.
Light decay is very small, life of up to 50,000 hours.

1. Plant growth light environment is an important and indispensable factor in the physical environment.
2. Applicable to aqueous solution culture,planting / seedling / breeding, flower exhibition, potted plants, etc.
3. Different wavelength of light is different for the influence of plant photosynthesis.
    Red light wavelength is 620nn-630nm , blue wavelength is 460nm-470nm.
    In the visual effect, red blue combined LED plant grow light appear pink.
4. Blue light be beneficial to plant photosynthesis, can promote green leaves growing, protein synthesis,fruit formation.
5. Red light can promote plant roots growing, be helpful for flowering, fruit and extend the flowering period, play a role to increase production.
6. Red and blue LED ratios of this LED plant grow light is 4 : 1.
7. LED plant grow light can replace 3-5 times power traditional high pressure sodium lamp etc, save 80% of the electricity.

Package includes:
1 X 5W Plant Light
plant grow light

fill light lamp

plant grow light

indoor plants growth bulb

fill light lamp

indoor plants growth bulb


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