Plastic Hanging Planter Pot Home Yard Hanging Flowers Baskets With Chain


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Plastic Hanging Flower Planter Pot Home Yard Hanging Pot With Chain

Stylish, non-toxic health, smooth skin, high capaicity.
Durable  and thick pelvic wall contains storage isolation layer that can pour too much water into the lower spacer layer lek, avoiding prolonged soaking root which cause root rot, and even the death of plants and so on.
Using high-quality plastic, non-toxic, tasteless non-polluting. Durable, multi-colors and beautiful appearances, comes lanyards, water storage tray with compartments soil seepage layer, for a variety of trailing and hanging plants to use.
Material: plastic
Outer diameter length: 18 cm
Diameter length: 16.5 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Chain length: 48 cm
Color: pink, green, brick red, white
Package Included:
1 x Plant Pot
1 x Steel chain and hook



Color Pink, Color Green, Color White, Color brick red


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