Zojirushi CV DCC50XT

Let’s get a warm beverage by the perfect kitchen appliance – the Zojirush CV DCC50XT!

Drinking and requiring warm water is always a good thing for our health and cooking purposes. The warm water not only kills the germs but also makes our water preserved and pure.

Zojirushi is one of the top name brands in the water boiler market, which provides various water boilers and warmers. Every model has its unique and helpful specifications and characteristics. Today in my analysis, we will discuss the Zojirushi CV DCC50XT.

Including the fact of Zojirushi does not only serve as a water boiler model but also provides hot water for all types of cooking appliances, food and beverage preservation, and for both home and industrial levels.

This appliance utilizes a hybrid vacuum electric technology, which includes a 169 oz capacity. Let’s brew the more information about this exciting model to get on our home counters soon.

Zojirushi CV DCC50XT Ve Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer

Quick information!

  • Brand: Zojirushi
  • Model: 586362-CV-DCC50XT
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Colour: black and brown
  • Manufactured by: japan
  • Depth: 8 inches
  • Capacity: 4/5 litres
  • Watts: 840 watts
  • Voltage: 120

Imagine your life free of worries free once you get a Zojirushi in your life. All the hot drinks on your table within seconds, even extracting the water directly at the temperature you want. This hybrid VE water boiler and warmer is the best product of all.


  • This Zojirushi model comes with four preset temperature settings.
  • It has a removable magnetic power cord.
  • The energy-saving timing works up to 6-10 hours.
  • Quick temperature mode is there to bring the water on your table without boiling.

Let’s see more details!

BUTTON DISPLAY: The Zojirushi CV DCC50XT VE hybrid machine is one of the unique intellectual appliances to work under the expectations. Zojirushi has the perfect beautiful LED display; this display has several buttons that perform their functions excellently.

The dispense button is present, unlock button, timer, temperature setting button, Reboil Quick Temperature, and the elegant little screen is present on this CV-DCC Model.

Temperature settings: Zojirushi has four temperature settings that work under the degree of 160-208 F. every temperature zone consumes different watts.

This VE hybrid water boiler and warmer offer you to not only boil water or make tea but also other beverages with several temperature zones.

So for making high-quality green tea or other bold, dedicated teas, you have to put the temperature on 140-160 degrees F. Then, if you brew branches, green tea, houjicha, and genmaicha, put the button on 175 degrees F. Brewing white teas set it on 195 degrees.

For black brew herbal, Pu-erh tea beverages put 208 degrees F, which is the last option. Including the fact is that instant noodles, soups, and ornaments all you can prepare from this Zojirushi CV-DCC at 208F.

Energy-saving: Zojirushi 586362-CV-DCC50XT is a hybrid appliance that is used to keep the water safe and warm. The water boiler and warmer implements an unique isolation technology, which consumes significantly less electricity and saves your voltage power.

This unit has a non-electric mode; this mode is made to keep the same temperature for long periods. The energy-saving function last for 6-10 hours so that the water would be ready when you wake up in the morning.

Creation: So, the water boiler and warmer is constructed with stainless steel material. That has no plastic or silicon components inside the system only if it touches any part is the fixed outside lid.

The machine is BPA-free. Inside the pot, the system has three layers. The first one is vacuum insulation second one is of thermal insulation, and another one is stainless steel, all of these protect water and keep it warm for years.

Two functions: The two main functions of this Zojirushi CV-DCC mechanism appliance is quick temperature settings and auto shut of the feature.

Above, I mentioned the Reboil button, and this reboil button is for this fast mode used to warm the water directly at an average temperature. This mode can only work when dechlorinating is not required. Other than the facility of the auto shut of the machine is marvellous.

The display system has an HH alert when auto-shut is inactivated. This function work in the conditions when you forget to turn off the appliance or forget to water, the unit is empty, or the upper lid is opened.


  • The system is fully automatic, with micro computerized temperature controls, and ensures the water level’s accuracy.
  • It has the benefit of alarm alerting and cETLus listed.
  • The quick mode settings not only give water warm directly without reaching a boiling state but also reduce the stream.
  • Zojirushi hybrid VE system is very economical to afford and saves energy at a considerable level.
  • Manual instruction is available in different languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and French.
Final Verdict: Zojirushi CV-DCC50XT VE hybrid water boiler and warmer is a perfect tool to get your warm drinks directly instead of preparing on the stove.

This CV-DCC boiler is a stainless steel body appliance with clear coated and nonstick material, making cleaning very relaxed. Many people review about it with excellently high ranting and commands. The majority say positive feedback and are delighted.

I highly recommend this product for the folks who have large families because of the 135 capacity zone. This appliance saves not only your electricity but also your money. Sounds great!


Is there any system of alarming in Zojirushi CV DCC50XT?

YES, Zojirushi is an excellent water boiler which is easy to hear sound indicator alarm alert when the process is completed, or the water level is shallow.

What is the dispensing mode of this Model?

This appliance has optional café drip dispensing mode, which allows the customer to extract the water more slowly.

What is the dimension of this Model?

Zojirushi CV DCC50XT is a unique design model with beautiful polished colors. The size is very compact, easy to fix with a dimension of 8-3/4*11-1/8*13-7/8 inches.

What is the approx time to reach a 195 degree F in the quick or regular mood?

Zojirushi CV DCC50XT is the cream of the crop, it takes 1 hr and 40 minutes or 30 minutes to be a liquid.

How many watts does it take at 208°F?

Zojirushi CV DCC50XT is an electric saving mode device. On 208°F, it takes 26 watts only. Sounds great!

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